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Welcome to The Santa Anita Church

Come as you are. Become who you want to be.

Our Purpose

As a spiritual community we attract, inspire and empower those who seek to discover and expand their unique expression of God’s light. Reaching out through prayer, music, education, and service, we celebrate, growing together in spiritual fellowship.

The Santa Anita Church

Our Vision

We envision a community where all people live to their full potential, experiencing love, peace, harmony, health, and abundance by practicing the Golden Rule and other teachings of Christ.

Our Sunday Service Schedule

10:20 AM Guided Meditation – The Sanctuary

10:30-11:30 AM Sunday Morning Service – The Sanctuary with Rev. Terry Keenan
Sunday School – The Growing Place (Grade School – High School)
Child Care – The Nursery (Infant – Preschool)

11:45 AM Personal Healing – See Rev. Lynne Hulsebos
Coffee & Refreshments – Patio
Potluck – Fellowship Hall (First Sunday of the month)
Communion – Sanctuary (Last Sunday of the month)

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