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September 2020 Theme – Returning Home


As we walk this journey in life, we can, at times, be tossed and turned by conditions and circumstances. We can, occasionally, get thrown off course and lose our way. We can, now and again, forget who we are. Has anything like that ever happened to you? If it has, then this month will serve you in a profound way as we Return Home, home to the Source of All Good.


September 6 – Returning Home to the Changeless
Today, we build our foundation for handling change—any kind of change, whether it’s the type of change that causes us to say “Thank Goodness” or “Goodness, No!” Using Jesus’ analogy of the man who built his house on solid rock, we return home to the ever-present, unchanging Power of God.


September 13 – Returning Home to Peace
Yes, we actually can get there from here — if we are willing to bridge the gap, even when the terrain gets shaky and uncomfortable. Today, we will shine the light on what may be causing the bridge to rock and roll, and we will put one foot in front of the other to cross it anyway.


September 20 – Returning Home in Faith
We could all benefit by returning home in faith, couldn’t we? The real question is: faith in WHAT? We all have a lot of faith, but in what do we have faith? Often times, especially in challenging times, our faith in misplaced. Today, we return home to a faith in the beneficence of God, in the Unity of all life and in the integrity of the Universe. Come today and test your faith!


September 27 – Returning Home to Truth
We round out our month of Returning Home by returning home to Truth, the Spiritual Truth that when we keep our eyes lifted to Spirit we can create miracles, we can attain lofty goals and dreams and we can create day-to-day lives that simply work better!


This Month’s Affirmation
Today I return home to the Divine that I am as I see beyond appearances and see only God in all situations.  I return home to the knowing that God is the Source of all my Good.  Today, I return home to Truth.

August 2020 Theme – The Heat is On


It is August, and the heat is on — outdoors as well as here at The Santa Anita Church. This month, we will turn up the heat on the Divine Invitation concepts we explored last month, and particularly those we explored last week. We will deepen into the practices of Blueprinting, Bridging and Building the life that is our answer to the Divine Invitation. It will be a hot month at The Santa Anita Church, so be sure to be with us!


August 2 – But, What Does it Look Like?
Often times, when we are asked to describe what we want, we immediately begin describing what we don’t want. For some reason, that seems easier for us. And while contrasting what “it” is with what “it” isn’t is an important distinction, eventually we must be able to say what the answer to the Divine Invitation looks like and claim it to be ours. Today, we clarify and claim our blueprint for that life.


August 9 – We Actually Can Get There From Here
Yes, we actually can get there from here — if we are willing to bridge the gap, even when the terrain gets shaky and uncomfortable. Today, we will shine the light on what may be causing the bridge to rock and roll, and we will put one foot in front of the other to cross it anyway.


August 16 – A well deserved break
Reverend Terry takes a break this week.


August 23 – The Tools Needed
Hammers, saws, pliers, levels, drills, nail finishers and wrenches, as well as the “know how” to use these tools, are all necessary to erect a new building or structure. Powerful spiritual tools and the “know how” to use them are needed to build a larger consciousness that makes us a welcoming space for our highest dreams and desires. Today, you will receive seven spiritual tools – the Sacred Seven – that will help you build that welcoming consciousness.


August 30 – Building the Life
We’ve blueprinted, we’ve bridged and we’ve employed the Sacred Seven spiritual tools. Today, we turn up the heat by using all of that as the springboard for building the life that is our answer to the Divine Invitation. It is a life that brings us joy and abundance, a life that serves the greater good, a life in which the Divine is expressed uniquely and powerfully as and through us. It is a life that is truly glorious and one each of us richly deserves!



This Month’s Affirmation
As I turn up the heat of my intention and combine it with my focused attention, I quickly and easily get from “here” to “there,” realizing that both “here” and “there” are joy-filled, abundant and glorious places to be!

July 2020 Theme – The Divine Invitation


The Sufi mystic and poet Hafiz once wrote: “You’re invited to meet the Divine. No one can resist a Divine invitation. That narrows down all our choices to just two: You can come to the Divine dressed for dancing or be carried on a stretcher to God’s ward.” This month, we will explore answering that Divine Invitation “dressed for dancing” as we uncover how the Divine shines through our dreams!


July 5 – Kick It Into Gear
What is the final ingredient needed to SPARK the Divine Flame within us? Well, the title of today’s talk gives you a hint, but not the complete picture. Come today and discover the rest.


July 12 – From Paradigm to Paradise
We each have our own set of paradigms or glasses through which we view the world. These personal viewpoints of the “way things are” may cloud our ability to perceive or even consider new or different Divine Ideas. They will keep us stuck in the “what is” and prevent us from achieving the greater “what can be.” And, make no mistake, the Divine Invitation is always toward the greater “what can be.” Would you be willing today to move from paradigms to paradise today? If so, be sure to be with us!


July 19 – Paradise Awaits
Last week we explored moving from our paradigms to paradise in a powerful way. Today, we continue our exploration into a paradigm that seems to haunt most every human being and which lays us out on the stretcher every time! If you are ready to get off the stretcher and put on your dancing shoes, then today is your day, and paradise awaits.


July 26 – Dancing with the Divine Invitation
Today we dance with the Divine Invitation by taking three specific steps toward the life of our dreams. Just as each dance step is critical to the overall flow and beauty of a dance, so is each of these steps critical to living from the Divine Invitation! Cha! Cha! Cha!


This Month’s Affirmation
I say yes to the Divine Invitation. By releasing that which no longer serves and embracing that which now does, I express my gifts, shine my light and dance with the Divine into the life of my highest dreams and aspirations.

June 2020 Theme – The SPARK of the Divine Flame


As our weather begins to heat up, so will it heat us here at The Santa Anita Church as we ignite the SPARK of the Divine Flame within us. We will do this deliberately by keeping things Simple so that we can Participate fully in the Awesome nature of God, realizing that our life is a Reflection of who we are and the power that comes when we Kick it into gear! The month will be exciting. It will be informative and transformative, so be sure to be here each week to gain the full gift of this month!


May 31 – KISS
Every Sunday morning, people walk through our doors somewhere on a continuum of situations and life experiences. At one end, “things are happenin”, “things are movin and shakin” in wonderful, exciting ways. On the other end of the spectrum, there is a great deal of pain, sadness, and fear. Today, wherever you are on that continuum, we are going to K.I.S.S. and make it better, knowing that as we do, we ignite the SPARK of the Divine Flame within.


June 7 – Calming the Eternal Sea
There is something, something that we all have, something that we all use, something that every single day can either hold us back from our ability to navigate or can give us great assistance. it is our mind!


June 14 – Participating in Life
It has been said that life is not a spectator sport. In order to engage, we must be fully engaged. In order to ignite the SPARK of the Divine within, we must fan the flame with our enthusiastic and passionate participation. Get ready to stoke the fire today.


Father’s Day, June 21 – Is God Awesome, or What?!
Ernest Holmes wrote in the Science of Mind that we must be careful not to reduce God to merely an “abstract Principle and mathematical Law of Cause and Effect” because if we do we shall “lose all warmth and color.” He said, “We should be very careful . . . not to forget the Essence.” And the Essence of God is Awesome! Awesome Love. Awesome Power. Awesome Everything. And the SPARK of the Divine within us is Awesome as well! Today, we are awed at how Awesome God as us is!


June 28 – The Third Way
Many of us have learned to answer the Divine Invitation that beckons us as our dreams by gaining clarity on our vision and then by visualizing, affirming and praying them into manifest. And that has worked a lot of the time! We also know that loving ourselves and our lives exactly as they are is a creative place to be and that has worked to bring our dreams into form at times as well! Both of these techniques are well and good – and, yet, there is a third way that aligns us even more fully and completely with the Divine Invitation. Today, we explore that way.


This Month’s Affirmation
I keep things Simple and fully Participate in the Awesome nature of God as me. As I do, my outer world Reflects my heart-felt desires. Kicking my life into gear, I ignite the SPARK of the Divine Flame within me. It burns with radiance and love!

May 2020 Theme – Into the Mystic


Within every living soul there is a call to connect with, commune with and be in conscious union with a Power Greater Than Ourselves, which we call God. Whether or not we dive in and answer the call will determine the level of contentment, peace and plenty we experience in our outer lives. Each week, we will respond to that call as we move Into the Mystic and explore and experience a deepened relationship with this Power we call God.


May 3 – Diving In
It can be easy to get distracted from our relationship with God with the things of the world calling for our attention, can’t it? But if we desire to experience true peace and true prosperity, if we desire a deep contentment, satisfaction and happiness in life, if we desire to fill the space of longing in our hearts, we must dive into our connection to Source! Today, we take a deep dive.


May 10 – Cultivating ‘I Am’ Consciousness
I Am Consciousness is not a mystery or something reserved for a selected few. Rather, it is the Self-Knowingness of God through and as us. It is possible for us to cultivate this Consciousness through a very specific and power act, and today we do just that.


May 17 – Out of the Silence
Our Master Teacher Jesus once counseled us to go into our inner chamber, to lock the door and to pray in secret. In other words, he said to go into the silence. But in a world that is busy and full of distractions (as we explored in the first week of this month), this can sometimes be challenging. Despite the challenge, the effort is worthwhile beyond words and what comes out of the silence is Divine.


May 24 – Piercing the Veil
As we bring our month of moving Into the Mystic to a close, today we pierce the veil of separation and experience ourselves as individualized centers of God Consciousness. And a profound and powerful experience it will be.


This Month’s Affirmation
As I intentionally court the Divine Presence, I pierce the veil of separation and experience myself as an individualized center of God Consciousness. I am one with the Power of God and it flows through me now. It is the presence of my Real and True Self. I am forever one with Life. I am forever one with Love.

March 2020 Theme – Share the Love, Share the Light, Share the Truth – Friendship Month

This month, we embark on our Annual Friendship Month as we share the love felt within the walls of THE SANTA ANITA CHURCH, the light of our individual hearts illuminating THE SANTA ANITA CHURCH community (and beyond) and the Spiritual Truth that we are simply here to let God be God in us! Each week, we will explore and experience the depth of who we are and what that means in today’s ever-changing world. Each week, we will lay building blocks of Spiritual Truth to create a solid foundation upon which we can firmly stand. And each week, you and the special friends you bring will be eligible for wonderful gifts of gratitude. So, bring yourself and your friends every Sunday to share in the Love, the Light, the Truth and the gifts!


March 1 – Who Would You Be If You Knew You Could Not Fail? – Part I
This is a thought provoking question, isn’t it? Today, we begin the exploration of it. If we really believed that God is Good all the time, that we are simply here to let God be God in us and that failure is not an option, how would we move forward? This week and next, we will find out!


March 8 – Who Would You Be If You Knew You Could Not Fail? – Part II
Picking up where we concluded last week, today we continue exploring who we are in God and what we might do if we knew we could not fail!


March 15 – What Does ‘There is Only One’ Really Mean?
Our foundational spiritual truth says this: There is only One – One Power, One Presence, One Mind, One Life. Sounds good, doesn’t it? That is until something comes into our experience we don’t like, and then we do everything we can to push it away. But if there is only One, then what are we pushing away? We unravel this koan today as we look at what “there is only One” really means.


March 22 – Many Hands, One Heart
Here’s a deep Spiritual Truth for us all — We are not meant to go it alone! We were put on this earth together to do great things together. We are made out of the same Spiritual Stuff. We beat with One Heart! So building community within which we can support and be supported is natural to us. Then why does it sometimes seem so hard? Together, we will explore and break through the barrier together!


March 29 – Reclaim Your Innocence (Link)
Jesus spoke words of deep truth when he said we must become like children to enter the gates of heaven. We must reclaim the innocence with which we entered this world in order to live a life fulfilled. Today, as we bring Friendship Month to a close, we will see life with new, innocent eyes, eyes not yet tainted with false beliefs and skewed views. Today we land on the side of the fence of innocence and find out what a sweet side of life it is!

February 2020 Theme – Are You Ready?

We come together this month to answer the question, “Are you ready?” Are you ready to receive God’s highest blessings? Are you ready to experience deep and profound love? Are you ready to live from a higher level of beingness? Are you ready to be a transformative light in the world? If you are ready for all of this (and more!), be sure to be with us every week.


February 2
Join us for a guest speaker.


February 9 – Are You Ready to Get in the Game?
Given last Sunday’s big game, we’ll explore what it takes to get in the game of life. Just like the players in today’s football game, to get in the game of life, you’ve got to suit up, know the rules and the plays, and be willing to practice, practice, practice.


February 16 – Are You Ready to be the World’s Greatest Lover?
Today, just days after Valentine’s Day, we will see how each of us can use love to heal, uplift and empower ourselves and others.


February 23 – Are You Ready to Fan the Flame?
In this interactive service, you will learn a simple, yet profound, process for igniting the flame of God within you.

January 2020 Theme – How Shall We Live This Year?

As the calendar changes once again, we have an opportunity to begin afresh. What shall this year bring for you? Is your desire for greater joy, harmony, peace, and plenty and would you like your desires to express themselves with ease and grace? If so, join us this month as we use foundational principles of New Thought to set the tone for the year, both in your personal life and in the life of our spiritual community.


January 5 – A New Design for Living
How shall you design your life this year? What do you intend to create and in what kind of energy and atmosphere? On this first day of the year, in this interactive service, you will have an opportunity to articulate an intention and a theme for 2020 for your own life and for The Santa Anita Church.


January 12 – Answering Life’s Call
Are you answering life’s call or are you just letting the phone ring? Today choose to answer the call by “L” – Letting go of the past; “I” – Imagining a greater life; “F” – Freeing yourself to choose; and “E” – Expressing your Divinity.


January 19 – It’s Your Life — Live It!
Dr. Robert Schuller authored a book entitled, If It’s To Be, It’s Up to Me. In it, he wrote: “The 21st century belongs first and foremost to a new mental breed of humans driven by a strong, sensitive, spiritual individualism.” The truth is, there is only one person on earth who can dream your dreams. That person is YOU! And, there is only one person alive who can kill that dream. That person is you as well! So, what shall it be?


January 26 – A Life — and a World — at Peace
January 30 marks the beginning of the Season for Non-Violence – 64 days between the anniversaries of the death of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Gandhi once said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” As we conclude this series, we will look at being the change in 2020 by living a life of peace, which can lead to a world at peace.

December 2019 Theme – Holiday Light

During this holiday time of year, we sometimes feel we have too many things to do and too little time to do them, winding up harried and hurried. Or, for some, this time of year intensifies past or current hurts and sorrows, and we spend the month in sadness. This month at The Santa Anita Church, we will gather each week to release all of that as we learn how to experience the L-I-G-H-T of the holidays – Living Inside God’s Highest Truth.


December 8 – The Christ Light
In the Science of Mind Textbook, Ernest Holmes wrote, “In studying the life and teaching of Jesus, the most unique character of history, we discover a few simple ideas underlying his philosophy, the embodiment of which enabled him to become the Christ.” Today, we will look at two of those simple, yet transforming ideas, the embodiment of which will illuminate our Christ Light.


December 15 – Sharing Our Light
As expressions of God, the Great Giver of Life, we each express our Highest Truth and shine our lights most brilliantly when we choose to be givers to life — not in obligatory ways, but because it is our Divine Nature to give. Today we look at gifts we can share that don’t cost a cent and what it is like to adopt the Buddhist attitude of being a “kingly” giver.


December 22 – The Inside Light of Christmas
We are all familiar with the elements of the Christmas story – Jesus was born in a stable because there was no room in the inn surrounded by shepherds and wise men who had followed a star to be with him. As colorful as this story may be, this is the outside story of Christmas. Today, we will look at the INSIDE story of Christmas and how it can lead to our living in the Light.


December 29 – Be Ye the Light
We bring our month and the year 2019 to a close by focusing on our Light. Not only will we focus on our Light, but we will build our body of light through a powerful meditative experience you won’t want to miss.

November 2019 Theme – Steps on the Path of Transformation

In his profound book, The Third Jesus, Deepak Chopra writes: “Jesus asks us for personal transformation. Every step that brings us out of separation and closer to unity is valuable.” During the month of November, we will use Chopra’s book to view Jesus’ teachings as a roadmap for transformation by delving into Fifteen Steps to an awakened God Consciousness.


November 3 – Steps on the Path, Part I
Today we begin our exploration of Jesus’ roadmap for transformation by looking at the concepts behind his words of (1) the Kingdom of Heaven is within you; (2) my yoke is easy and my burden is light; and (3) being in the world but not of it.


November 10 – Steps on the Path, Part II
Steps 4, 5 and 6 on our path of personal transformation delve into the ideas that we must (4) ask in order to receive; (5) forgive those who trespass against us; and (6) be still and know.


November 17 – Steps on the Path, Part III
Part III of our fifteen steps on the path focuses on the ideas that (7) as you sow, so shall you reap; (8) resist not evil; and (9) in my father’s house are many mansions.


November 24 – Steps on the Path, Part IV
Today’s steps help us to realize that (10) we are born from above; (11) we are the light of the world; and (12) we need not worry about tomorrow.


December 01 – Steps on the Path, Part V
Today we conclude our Fifteen Steps to God Consciousness by exploring these teachings of Jesus: (13) Abide in me as I abide in you; (14) where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them; and, finally, (15) what does it profit a man to gain the whole world if he loses his soul?

October 2019 Theme – The Spirit of Oz

Loved by children of all ages, the classic movie The Wizard of Oz offers some profound spiritual teachings, completely aligned with those of New Thought. Join us this month as we travel down the Yellow Brick Road to discover the Spirit of Oz.


October 6 – Over the Rainbow!
The greatest gift with which we are endowed (after Life itself) is the gift of choice. And with our choices come natural results or consequences. We’ll begin our journey with Dorothy as we explore the consequences of her — and our — choices.


October 13 – If I Only Had a Brain
The Scarecrow sought a brain; the Tin Man a heart. Yet despite their perceived lack, the Scarecrow had all the great ideas, and the Tin Man loved unconditionally. Could it be that we are all spiritually supplied with everything we need from the beginning whether we know it or not?


October 20 – Hold Tight to Those Ruby Slippers
We are born with a Divine Spark, which no one can take away. Dorothy’s ruby slippers are a radiant symbol of the inner spark of infinite potential for goodness and greatness that is within us all.


October 27 – There Really Is No Place Like Home
T.S. Eliot once wrote: “We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and to know the place for the first time.” Dorothy learned this profound spiritual Truth. As we conclude The Spirit of Oz, so will we.