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March 2020 Theme – Share the Love, Share the Light, Share the Truth – Friendship Month

This month, we embark on our Annual Friendship Month as we share the love felt within the walls of THE SANTA ANITA CHURCH, the light of our individual hearts illuminating THE SANTA ANITA CHURCH community (and beyond) and the Spiritual Truth that we are simply here to let God be God in us! Each week, we will explore and experience the depth of who we are and what that means in today’s ever-changing world. Each week, we will lay building blocks of Spiritual Truth to create a solid foundation upon which we can firmly stand. And each week, you and the special friends you bring will be eligible for wonderful gifts of gratitude. So, bring yourself and your friends every Sunday to share in the Love, the Light, the Truth and the gifts!


March 1 – Who Would You Be If You Knew You Could Not Fail? – Part I
This is a thought provoking question, isn’t it? Today, we begin the exploration of it. If we really believed that God is Good all the time, that we are simply here to let God be God in us and that failure is not an option, how would we move forward? This week and next, we will find out!


March 8 – Who Would You Be If You Knew You Could Not Fail? – Part II
Picking up where we concluded last week, today we continue exploring who we are in God and what we might do if we knew we could not fail!


March 15 – What Does ‘There is Only One’ Really Mean?
Our foundational spiritual truth says this: There is only One – One Power, One Presence, One Mind, One Life. Sounds good, doesn’t it? That is until something comes into our experience we don’t like, and then we do everything we can to push it away. But if there is only One, then what are we pushing away? We unravel this koan today as we look at what “there is only One” really means.


March 22 – Many Hands, One Heart
Here’s a deep Spiritual Truth for us all — We are not meant to go it alone! We were put on this earth together to do great things together. We are made out of the same Spiritual Stuff. We beat with One Heart! So building community within which we can support and be supported is natural to us. Then why does it sometimes seem so hard? Together, we will explore and break through the barrier together!


March 29 – Reclaim Your Innocence
Jesus spoke words of deep truth when he said we must become like children to enter the gates of heaven. We must reclaim the innocence with which we entered this world in order to live a life fulfilled. Today, as we bring Friendship Month to a close, we will see life with new, innocent eyes, eyes not yet tainted with false beliefs and skewed views. Today we land on the side of the fence of innocence and find out what a sweet side of life it is!

February 2020 Theme – Are You Ready?

We come together this month to answer the question, “Are you ready?” Are you ready to receive God’s highest blessings? Are you ready to experience deep and profound love? Are you ready to live from a higher level of beingness? Are you ready to be a transformative light in the world? If you are ready for all of this (and more!), be sure to be with us every week.


February 2
Join us for a guest speaker.


February 9 – Are You Ready to Get in the Game?
Given last Sunday’s big game, we’ll explore what it takes to get in the game of life. Just like the players in today’s football game, to get in the game of life, you’ve got to suit up, know the rules and the plays, and be willing to practice, practice, practice.


February 16 – Are You Ready to be the World’s Greatest Lover?
Today, just days after Valentine’s Day, we will see how each of us can use love to heal, uplift and empower ourselves and others.


February 23 – Are You Ready to Fan the Flame?
In this interactive service, you will learn a simple, yet profound, process for igniting the flame of God within you.

January 2020 Theme – How Shall We Live This Year?

As the calendar changes once again, we have an opportunity to begin afresh. What shall this year bring for you? Is your desire for greater joy, harmony, peace, and plenty and would you like your desires to express themselves with ease and grace? If so, join us this month as we use foundational principles of New Thought to set the tone for the year, both in your personal life and in the life of our spiritual community.


January 5 – A New Design for Living
How shall you design your life this year? What do you intend to create and in what kind of energy and atmosphere? On this first day of the year, in this interactive service, you will have an opportunity to articulate an intention and a theme for 2020 for your own life and for The Santa Anita Church.


January 12 – Answering Life’s Call
Are you answering life’s call or are you just letting the phone ring? Today choose to answer the call by “L” – Letting go of the past; “I” – Imagining a greater life; “F” – Freeing yourself to choose; and “E” – Expressing your Divinity.


January 19 – It’s Your Life — Live It!
Dr. Robert Schuller authored a book entitled, If It’s To Be, It’s Up to Me. In it, he wrote: “The 21st century belongs first and foremost to a new mental breed of humans driven by a strong, sensitive, spiritual individualism.” The truth is, there is only one person on earth who can dream your dreams. That person is YOU! And, there is only one person alive who can kill that dream. That person is you as well! So, what shall it be?


January 26 – A Life — and a World — at Peace
January 30 marks the beginning of the Season for Non-Violence – 64 days between the anniversaries of the death of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Gandhi once said, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” As we conclude this series, we will look at being the change in 2020 by living a life of peace, which can lead to a world at peace.

December 2019 Theme – Holiday Light

During this holiday time of year, we sometimes feel we have too many things to do and too little time to do them, winding up harried and hurried. Or, for some, this time of year intensifies past or current hurts and sorrows, and we spend the month in sadness. This month at The Santa Anita Church, we will gather each week to release all of that as we learn how to experience the L-I-G-H-T of the holidays – Living Inside God’s Highest Truth.


December 8 – The Christ Light
In the Science of Mind Textbook, Ernest Holmes wrote, “In studying the life and teaching of Jesus, the most unique character of history, we discover a few simple ideas underlying his philosophy, the embodiment of which enabled him to become the Christ.” Today, we will look at two of those simple, yet transforming ideas, the embodiment of which will illuminate our Christ Light.


December 15 – Sharing Our Light
As expressions of God, the Great Giver of Life, we each express our Highest Truth and shine our lights most brilliantly when we choose to be givers to life — not in obligatory ways, but because it is our Divine Nature to give. Today we look at gifts we can share that don’t cost a cent and what it is like to adopt the Buddhist attitude of being a “kingly” giver.


December 22 – The Inside Light of Christmas
We are all familiar with the elements of the Christmas story – Jesus was born in a stable because there was no room in the inn surrounded by shepherds and wise men who had followed a star to be with him. As colorful as this story may be, this is the outside story of Christmas. Today, we will look at the INSIDE story of Christmas and how it can lead to our living in the Light.


December 29 – Be Ye the Light
We bring our month and the year 2019 to a close by focusing on our Light. Not only will we focus on our Light, but we will build our body of light through a powerful meditative experience you won’t want to miss.

November 2019 Theme – Steps on the Path of Transformation

In his profound book, The Third Jesus, Deepak Chopra writes: “Jesus asks us for personal transformation. Every step that brings us out of separation and closer to unity is valuable.” During the month of November, we will use Chopra’s book to view Jesus’ teachings as a roadmap for transformation by delving into Fifteen Steps to an awakened God Consciousness.


November 3 – Steps on the Path, Part I
Today we begin our exploration of Jesus’ roadmap for transformation by looking at the concepts behind his words of (1) the Kingdom of Heaven is within you; (2) my yoke is easy and my burden is light; and (3) being in the world but not of it.


November 10 – Steps on the Path, Part II
Steps 4, 5 and 6 on our path of personal transformation delve into the ideas that we must (4) ask in order to receive; (5) forgive those who trespass against us; and (6) be still and know.


November 17 – Steps on the Path, Part III
Part III of our fifteen steps on the path focuses on the ideas that (7) as you sow, so shall you reap; (8) resist not evil; and (9) in my father’s house are many mansions.


November 24 – Steps on the Path, Part IV
Today’s steps help us to realize that (10) we are born from above; (11) we are the light of the world; and (12) we need not worry about tomorrow.


December 01 – Steps on the Path, Part V
Today we conclude our Fifteen Steps to God Consciousness by exploring these teachings of Jesus: (13) Abide in me as I abide in you; (14) where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them; and, finally, (15) what does it profit a man to gain the whole world if he loses his soul?

October 2019 Theme – The Spirit of Oz

Loved by children of all ages, the classic movie The Wizard of Oz offers some profound spiritual teachings, completely aligned with those of New Thought. Join us this month as we travel down the Yellow Brick Road to discover the Spirit of Oz.


October 6 – Over the Rainbow!
The greatest gift with which we are endowed (after Life itself) is the gift of choice. And with our choices come natural results or consequences. We’ll begin our journey with Dorothy as we explore the consequences of her — and our — choices.


October 13 – If I Only Had a Brain
The Scarecrow sought a brain; the Tin Man a heart. Yet despite their perceived lack, the Scarecrow had all the great ideas, and the Tin Man loved unconditionally. Could it be that we are all spiritually supplied with everything we need from the beginning whether we know it or not?


October 20 – Hold Tight to Those Ruby Slippers
We are born with a Divine Spark, which no one can take away. Dorothy’s ruby slippers are a radiant symbol of the inner spark of infinite potential for goodness and greatness that is within us all.


October 27 – There Really Is No Place Like Home
T.S. Eliot once wrote: “We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and to know the place for the first time.” Dorothy learned this profound spiritual Truth. As we conclude The Spirit of Oz, so will we.

September 2019 Theme – Truths We Were Never Told

As we were growing up, many of us were told, in verbal and nonverbal ways, a lot of things that just weren’t true. And we were not told many things that were true. This month, we will dispel false beliefs and open ourselves up to explore some spiritual Truths we may never have been told.


September 8 – Why Were You Born?
This seems like a pretty deep question, and today we will dive right into it. The truth is every one of us was born into this life here and now for some very important reasons, reasons we were not necessarily told. Come find out what they are.


September 15 – Just How Worthy Are You?
Feeling worthy of a happy, productive life; feeling worthy of love; feeling worthy of God’s Grace; feeling worthy of success and abundance – many people struggle with these feelings of worthiness. Today, we will end the struggle by moving into the consciousness of profound worthiness, which is your Divine Birthright, now and always!


September 22 – You Are Naturally Creative
“I’m just not that creative” is what many of us tell ourselves. Yet, we are made in the image and likeness of the Creator of the Universe. Some of that creative ability must have rubbed off! Today, we will experience just how much.


September 29 – The Have-Do-Be Model Doesn’t Work!
Many of us were taught that in order to BE who we want to be, we must first HAVE something and then DO something with it. For example, we have been told we must HAVE the right education in order to DO the right job so that we can BE successful or we must HAVE enough money in order to DO the things we want to do so that we can BE happy. The Truth is life works much better when we rearrange the model.

August 2019 Theme – The Secrets of the Millionaire Moses

In the month of August, we will delve into the prosperity secrets of Moses, one of the wealthiest men of the Bible. Using Catherine Ponder’s classic book The Millionaire Moses as our reference, we will reveal the fascinating metaphysical code of this Biblical story and unveil the mysteries Moses knew for ongoing, unlimited prosperity — mysteries as applicable in 2019 as they were 3,500 years ago.


August 4 – The Power of the Great I Am
Moses spent three significant periods in his life, each deepening his prosperity consciousness. Within the second period, he learned the Power of the Great I Am. Today, we will apply these three periods of growth to our lives and discover for ourselves the power of the Great I Am.


August 11 – On the Red Sea
In moving from bondage to freedom, the Israelites needed to cross the Red Sea and have enough food and water to sustain them on their journey, should they make it across. In the physical realm, it was impossible to cross such a vast sea and equally impossible to bring along enough sustenance. Yet, they did cross the Red Sea and they had plenty of food and water. Today, we reveal the profound prosperity promises found in these two “miracles.”


August 18 – Secret Weapon for Prosperity
Your secret weapons for prosperity are symbolized in two incidents in Moses’ life in the desert. From these two events, we can learn how to quickly claim our good even in the face of opposition and even in the midst of hard conditions. Today, these secret weapons will become yours.


August 25 – Prosperity Laws of Opulence
Moses learned the prosperity Laws of Opulence when he was a prince in the Court of Pharaoh. This knowledge enabled him to provide lavishly for his followers over 40 years in the wilderness. By following these prosperity Laws, you too can be lavishly provided for.


September 1 – Speaking the Word of Completion
With all his heart and soul, Moses wanted to take the Israelites out of the wilderness and into the Promised Land. Yes, he failed on both counts. Nonetheless, he knew he had done all he could and realized when you have done all you can about a situation, then you have done all you are supposed to do. By speaking the word of completion and letting go, he opened the way for results to appear. Today, we follow Moses’ lead and speak the word of completion.


August Affirmation
I am one with God and God’s Goodness. I am well, wealthy, whole and happy, and every phase of my life is in Divine Order now!

July 2019 Theme – Power

This month we will tap into “the energy by which everything lives” (to quote Ernest Holmes) that is found deep within our souls.


July 7 – “Soular” Power
As the summer sun continues to heat up our city with its solar power, we will spend the month of July exploring the idea of our “Soular” Power, the power of the Ever-Present Spirit that lives within each and every one of us.


July 14 – Power v. Force
Inspired by the book of the same name, by Dr. David Hawkins, today we will explore the difference between connecting with the power inherent within our souls and forcing the world to be as we think it should.


July 21 – Power in Asking – Permission Granted
In the Ancient Scripture we read, “ask and you shall receive.” We’ve all heard that before, and we may have interpreted it to mean beg God in prayer. Today, we will deepen our understanding of asking and see how the act of asking opens up a place of allowing within us, thereby activating the energy of creation.


July 28 – Power Attitudes
Wayne Dyer in his book, “The Power of Intention,” gives a portrait of a person connected to the field of intention. This person has six powerful attitudes that enable him or her to align with the pure potentiality available to all. Today, you will learn how to be one of those people.

June 2019 Theme – Pathways of Transcendence

Each of us has our unique journey to walk during this human experience. And, while each pathway is unique, there is a common urge within us all to transcend the mundane so that we might experience higher levels of being, thinking and behaving and more closely experience our oneness with the Divine. This month, we look at various Pathways of Transcendence, each one taking us deeper and leading us higher into that desired state of conscious Unity with God.


June 9 – The Pathway of Power
In today’s world of volatile outward experiences, connecting with our internal Power is imperative if we are to weather the storm. The Master Teacher Jesus connected with his internal Power to calm the stormy seas – literally. Today we will explore his Pathway to Power and make it our own.


June 16 – The Pathway of Clarity
Internal clarity is something we all seek, but often cannot find. The noises from the outer world as well as the chatter from within our own heads can serve as great cover ups. We will gather today to uncover the Pathway to Clarity as we move to a place of deep listening to the one clear voice within.


June 23 – The Pathway of Enlighten-Up-ment
In one of his final sermons, our founder Dr. Ernest Holmes said, “I do not even take myself seriously, but I take what I am doing seriously.” Do you take yourself too seriously at times? Perhaps the path to enlightenment is made smoother by lightening up a bit! Today, we walk the lighter side of the Pathway of Transformation.


June 30 – The Pathway of Grace
According to Ramakrishna, “the winds of grace are blowing all the time; all we have to do is raise our sails.” Today, we catch the winds of Divine Grace as we clear a pathway to receive its amazing power.

May 2019 Theme – You Can Change the World

East Indian philosopher and recipient of the 1984 UN Peace Medal Jiddu Krishnamurti once said, “What you are, the world is… without your transformation, there can be no transformation of the world.” And we will add, “With your transformation, world transformation must follow.” This month, we will explore BEING the transformation we desire to see in the world.


May 5 – Living from Intent
What is your deepest intent for your life? For the world? This morning, we set the tone for our month of global transformation by experiencing the power of intent.


May 12 – The Invitation
Many of us have a fear of intimacy with ourselves because we are afraid of what we might find when we look deep inside. Yet, in actuality, the deeper we look, the closer we get to finding the fullness of God, and the closer we get to finding the fullness of God within, the more able we are to be a beneficial presence in the world.


May 19 – Get Real!
The world is served to the fullest when we are living from our Authentic Self. Building on the work done last week, today we will get real!


May 26 – Heaven Can’t Wait
In Ernest Holmes’ What We Believe, he wrote: “We believe that Heaven is within us and that we experience it to the degree that we become conscious of it.” Today we will become conscious of it to bring it into our world today.


June 2 – A Covenant for Change
New Thought pioneer Emma Curtis Hopkins taught the power behind making a Covenant with God. Today, each one of us will have an opportunity to make a personal Covenant for Change.

April 2019 Theme – Behind All That is Visible is the Invisible

The concept of cause and effect is fundamental to the teachings of
New Thought. During the month of April, we will reflect each week
upon setting the invisible Cause into motion in order to experience
the visible effect we desire for ourselves and for our world.


April 7 – Surrender to Soar
The word “surrender” often brings up images of giving up, waving the
white flag or conceding a loss. This Sunday, we will see the word in
a whole new light as we delve into how the consciousness of
surrender is really a launching pad for us to soar into a greater
degree of livingness.


Palm Sunday, April 14 – Bless to Become
Each of us is in the process of becoming that which we already are.
Although this statement may seem paradoxical, it contains a deep
spiritual truth. Today, as we join together in our traditional Palm
Sunday Rose Blessing Ceremony, we will bless into being that which
we already are.


Easter Sunday, April 21 – Trust to Transform
Trusting the Law of Good — Trusting Divine Right Action — Trusting
the Resurrection Principle – Trusting God. We must trust if we are to
follow the Master Teacher Jesus’ example and rise to a transcendent
way of being.


April 28 – Feel into Fulfillment
Did you know that your emotions tell you everything you could ever
want or need to know about your relationship with the Source of All
Good? In fact, they really are your guidance system. Today, we will
explore the important messages emotions send us and how we can
use them to feel our way into fulfillment.

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