March 2019 Theme – Ten Secrets for Success and Inner Peace

A cosmic comedian once said: “I have good news and bad news. The bad news is we’ve lost the key to the secrets of the universe. The good news is the door isn’t locked!” During the month of March, we will walk through the unlocked door by looking at Ten Secrets for Success and Inner Peace inspired by Wayne Dyer’s book by the same name. Long before the movie The Secret, Dyer shared these insights. So, if you’ve been looking for the key to the secret of the universe, you can stop looking and walk with us through the open doors as each week we explore two of the secrets.


March 3 – Are You Open at the Top to Fully Live?
Having a mind that is open and an internal ear that is in tune with our internal music are our first two secrets to living fully in success and inner peace.


March 10 – What Are You Giving Away?
As we explore the third and fourth of Dyers’ “secrets” of success and inner peace, we will connect with and send out to the world the spiritual energy of love and peace that rests at our core.


March 17 – Let Go and Lift Up!
To truly live in success and inner peace, we must be willing to give up our personal history and approach life with a higher perspective. Secrets five and six give us insights into these Truths.


March 24 – Taking Ownership of Your Life
By taking full ownership of our experiences through forgiveness and beyond and by treating ourselves as if we already are what we’d like to be, we engage the magic of secrets seven and eight.


March 31 – Your Greatest Treasure; Your Greatest Wisdom
As we bring this series to a close, we explore secrets nine and ten — Our greatest treasure is found right inside and our greatest wisdom is found when we embrace only thoughts that empower and strengthen us.

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