April 2019 Theme – Behind All That is Visible is the Invisible

The concept of cause and effect is fundamental to the teachings of
New Thought. During the month of April, we will reflect each week
upon setting the invisible Cause into motion in order to experience
the visible effect we desire for ourselves and for our world.


April 7 – Surrender to Soar
The word “surrender” often brings up images of giving up, waving the
white flag or conceding a loss. This Sunday, we will see the word in
a whole new light as we delve into how the consciousness of
surrender is really a launching pad for us to soar into a greater
degree of livingness.


Palm Sunday, April 14 – Bless to Become
Each of us is in the process of becoming that which we already are.
Although this statement may seem paradoxical, it contains a deep
spiritual truth. Today, as we join together in our traditional Palm
Sunday Rose Blessing Ceremony, we will bless into being that which
we already are.


Easter Sunday, April 21 – Trust to Transform
Trusting the Law of Good — Trusting Divine Right Action — Trusting
the Resurrection Principle – Trusting God. We must trust if we are to
follow the Master Teacher Jesus’ example and rise to a transcendent
way of being.


April 28 – Feel into Fulfillment
Did you know that your emotions tell you everything you could ever
want or need to know about your relationship with the Source of All
Good? In fact, they really are your guidance system. Today, we will
explore the important messages emotions send us and how we can
use them to feel our way into fulfillment.

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