September 2019 Theme – Truths We Were Never Told

As we were growing up, many of us were told, in verbal and nonverbal ways, a lot of things that just weren’t true. And we were not told many things that were true. This month, we will dispel false beliefs and open ourselves up to explore some spiritual Truths we may never have been told.


September 8 – Why Were You Born?
This seems like a pretty deep question, and today we will dive right into it. The truth is every one of us was born into this life here and now for some very important reasons, reasons we were not necessarily told. Come find out what they are.


September 15 – Just How Worthy Are You?
Feeling worthy of a happy, productive life; feeling worthy of love; feeling worthy of God’s Grace; feeling worthy of success and abundance – many people struggle with these feelings of worthiness. Today, we will end the struggle by moving into the consciousness of profound worthiness, which is your Divine Birthright, now and always!


September 22 – You Are Naturally Creative
“I’m just not that creative” is what many of us tell ourselves. Yet, we are made in the image and likeness of the Creator of the Universe. Some of that creative ability must have rubbed off! Today, we will experience just how much.


September 29 – The Have-Do-Be Model Doesn’t Work!
Many of us were taught that in order to BE who we want to be, we must first HAVE something and then DO something with it. For example, we have been told we must HAVE the right education in order to DO the right job so that we can BE successful or we must HAVE enough money in order to DO the things we want to do so that we can BE happy. The Truth is life works much better when we rearrange the model.

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