March 2020 Theme – Share the Love, Share the Light, Share the Truth – Friendship Month

This month, we embark on our Annual Friendship Month as we share the love felt within the walls of THE SANTA ANITA CHURCH, the light of our individual hearts illuminating THE SANTA ANITA CHURCH community (and beyond) and the Spiritual Truth that we are simply here to let God be God in us! Each week, we will explore and experience the depth of who we are and what that means in today’s ever-changing world. Each week, we will lay building blocks of Spiritual Truth to create a solid foundation upon which we can firmly stand. And each week, you and the special friends you bring will be eligible for wonderful gifts of gratitude. So, bring yourself and your friends every Sunday to share in the Love, the Light, the Truth and the gifts!


March 1 – Who Would You Be If You Knew You Could Not Fail? – Part I
This is a thought provoking question, isn’t it? Today, we begin the exploration of it. If we really believed that God is Good all the time, that we are simply here to let God be God in us and that failure is not an option, how would we move forward? This week and next, we will find out!


March 8 – Who Would You Be If You Knew You Could Not Fail? – Part II
Picking up where we concluded last week, today we continue exploring who we are in God and what we might do if we knew we could not fail!


March 15 – What Does ‘There is Only One’ Really Mean?
Our foundational spiritual truth says this: There is only One – One Power, One Presence, One Mind, One Life. Sounds good, doesn’t it? That is until something comes into our experience we don’t like, and then we do everything we can to push it away. But if there is only One, then what are we pushing away? We unravel this koan today as we look at what “there is only One” really means.


March 22 – Many Hands, One Heart
Here’s a deep Spiritual Truth for us all — We are not meant to go it alone! We were put on this earth together to do great things together. We are made out of the same Spiritual Stuff. We beat with One Heart! So building community within which we can support and be supported is natural to us. Then why does it sometimes seem so hard? Together, we will explore and break through the barrier together!


March 29 – Reclaim Your Innocence (Link)
Jesus spoke words of deep truth when he said we must become like children to enter the gates of heaven. We must reclaim the innocence with which we entered this world in order to live a life fulfilled. Today, as we bring Friendship Month to a close, we will see life with new, innocent eyes, eyes not yet tainted with false beliefs and skewed views. Today we land on the side of the fence of innocence and find out what a sweet side of life it is!

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