May 2020 Theme – Into the Mystic


Within every living soul there is a call to connect with, commune with and be in conscious union with a Power Greater Than Ourselves, which we call God. Whether or not we dive in and answer the call will determine the level of contentment, peace and plenty we experience in our outer lives. Each week, we will respond to that call as we move Into the Mystic and explore and experience a deepened relationship with this Power we call God.


May 3 – Diving In
It can be easy to get distracted from our relationship with God with the things of the world calling for our attention, can’t it? But if we desire to experience true peace and true prosperity, if we desire a deep contentment, satisfaction and happiness in life, if we desire to fill the space of longing in our hearts, we must dive into our connection to Source! Today, we take a deep dive.


May 10 – Cultivating ‘I Am’ Consciousness
I Am Consciousness is not a mystery or something reserved for a selected few. Rather, it is the Self-Knowingness of God through and as us. It is possible for us to cultivate this Consciousness through a very specific and power act, and today we do just that.


May 17 – Out of the Silence
Our Master Teacher Jesus once counseled us to go into our inner chamber, to lock the door and to pray in secret. In other words, he said to go into the silence. But in a world that is busy and full of distractions (as we explored in the first week of this month), this can sometimes be challenging. Despite the challenge, the effort is worthwhile beyond words and what comes out of the silence is Divine.


May 24 – Piercing the Veil
As we bring our month of moving Into the Mystic to a close, today we pierce the veil of separation and experience ourselves as individualized centers of God Consciousness. And a profound and powerful experience it will be.


This Month’s Affimation
As I intentionally court the Divine Presence, I pierce the veil of separation and experience myself as an individualized center of God Consciousness. I am one with the Power of God and it flows through me now. It is the presence of my Real and True Self. I am forever one with Life. I am forever one with Love.

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