June 2020 Theme – The SPARK of the Divine Flame


As our weather begins to heat up, so will it heat us here at The Santa Anita Church as we ignite the SPARK of the Divine Flame within us. We will do this deliberately by keeping things Simple so that we can Participate fully in the Awesome nature of God, realizing that our life is a Reflection of who we are and the power that comes when we Kick it into gear! The month will be exciting. It will be informative and transformative, so be sure to be here each week to gain the full gift of this month!


May 31 – KISS
Every Sunday morning, people walk through our doors somewhere on a continuum of situations and life experiences. At one end, “things are happenin”, “things are movin and shakin” in wonderful, exciting ways. On the other end of the spectrum, there is a great deal of pain, sadness, and fear. Today, wherever you are on that continuum, we are going to K.I.S.S. and make it better, knowing that as we do, we ignite the SPARK of the Divine Flame within.


June 7 – Calming the Eternal Sea
There is something, something that we all have, something that we all use, something that every single day can either hold us back from our ability to navigate or can give us great assistance. it is our mind!


June 14 – Participating in Life
It has been said that life is not a spectator sport. In order to engage, we must be fully engaged. In order to ignite the SPARK of the Divine within, we must fan the flame with our enthusiastic and passionate participation. Get ready to stoke the fire today.


Father’s Day, June 21 – Is God Awesome, or What?!
Ernest Holmes wrote in the Science of Mind that we must be careful not to reduce God to merely an “abstract Principle and mathematical Law of Cause and Effect” because if we do we shall “lose all warmth and color.” He said, “We should be very careful . . . not to forget the Essence.” And the Essence of God is Awesome! Awesome Love. Awesome Power. Awesome Everything. And the SPARK of the Divine within us is Awesome as well! Today, we are awed at how Awesome God as us is!


June 28 – The Third Way
Many of us have learned to answer the Divine Invitation that beckons us as our dreams by gaining clarity on our vision and then by visualizing, affirming and praying them into manifest. And that has worked a lot of the time! We also know that loving ourselves and our lives exactly as they are is a creative place to be and that has worked to bring our dreams into form at times as well! Both of these techniques are well and good – and, yet, there is a third way that aligns us even more fully and completely with the Divine Invitation. Today, we explore that way.


This Month’s Affimation
I keep things Simple and fully Participate in the Awesome nature of God as me. As I do, my outer world Reflects my heart-felt desires. Kicking my life into gear, I ignite the SPARK of the Divine Flame within me. It burns with radiance and love!

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