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Bible Study

Rev. Gary Foss

Bible study at the Santa Anita Church examines the Scriptures from the standpoint of the ancient Near East. The Bible is an Eastern book and was written to the people of the Near East. To us in the West it sometimes seems confusing and contradictory. However, when we look at it through the eyes of the East, the Bible comes alive.

Our classes use the translation done by Dr. George M. Lamsa, an Assyrian scholar whose native tongue, Aramaic, was the original language of the Bible. This translation gives us insight into the background, culture, and psychology of the ancient Eastern world.

Our study incorporates the “Seven Keys to Unlocking The Scriptures” developed by Dr. Rocco A. Errico whom Dr. Lamsa mentored for ten years. The Seven Keys are:

  • The Aramaic Language – the language of the Patriarchs, Jesus and his disciples
  • The Idioms of the Language – These have been misunderstood because they have been translated literally instead of with their idiomatic understanding
  • Mysticism – The spectrum of Mysticism encompasses dreams, visions, and revelations
  • The Near Eastern Culture – Biblical writers were influenced by their own culture. Their social habits, customs, and manners play an important role in the life of their nation
  • The Psychology of the Near Eastern People – Customs and psychology are bound together. Easterners think differently than we do and, therefore, respond to life’s circumstances accordingly
  • Symbolism – The Symbolism of the Near East includes parables, poetical philosophy, and figurative speech
  • Amplification – What better way is there to glorify an event and to make an everlasting impression that to magnify and amplify the occurrence

Our Bible study is taught by Rev. Gary Foss. He is a staff minister at the Santa Anita Church. He is a graduate of the California Baptist Theological Seminary where he earned a Master of Divinity degree. Gary emphasizes teaching the Bible from the perspective of the ancient Near East, using the translation from the Aramaic language and providing the metaphysical and cultural understanding of the scriptures from the view of those who wrote the Bible and those to whom the Bible was written

Rev. Gary offers three Bible studies throughout the week.

  • Thursdays 10-11 am in the Chapel
  • Thursdays 7-9 pm in the Chapel – Currently on hiatus
  • Sundays 9-9:45 am in the Fellowship Hall

Come and join us on this exciting adventure!