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Miracle of Daily Living


Hosted by our own Rev. Terry Keenan, "The Miracle of Daily Living" is a spiritually uplifting program provided by Duarte Public Access, Inc. (DCTV). The programs look at how we can experience a greater potential in our daily lives. The show features interviews with authors, spiritual leaders, and regular citizens sharing their stories. The programs below are a small subset of the weekly offerings found on Duarte Public Access, carried on Charter Cable Channel 55.

Using Intuitive Perception, Part 2

*Video: art harriman and dennis miars return to the show furthering their discussion with rev. terry about intuitive perception.

Using Intuitive Perception

*Video: art harriman and dennis miars speak with rev. terry about life being a reflection of what we are thinking. by changing the words we use and our thinking, we can all tune in to our intuitive perception. also discussed is a workshop art and dennis presented in march 2010 at the church.

Your Authentic Voice

*Video: the author of when your voice is authentic you don’t have to yell, shiva wheeler is invited back for a second appearance to discuss his life’s journey. from corporate lawyer to spiritual healer and forward, shiva gives insight into his beliefs.

Bible Mystery & Bible Meaning

*Video: rev. kristina collins from the sanctuary for spiritual living in covina discusses a course on judge thomas troward’s book ‘bible mystery and bible meaning’.

Five Wishes

*Video: rev. lynne hulsebos, pastoral care minister at the santa anita church, discusses end of life decisions through the five wishes advanced health-care directive

Living In Love, Part 2

*Video: nadia khalil returns to speak to terry about her class living in love

Living In Love

*Video: origins of truth and little wing author, nadia khalil, discusses her muslim background and her experiences in writing to god for help in her life.