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Upcoming Sermons

May 2018 Theme – Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

At page 53 of The Science of Mind textbook, Ernest Holmes wrote, “[Our] thought should tend more and more toward an affirmative attitude of mind that is positive, stable and — above all else — toward a real unity with Spirit that is already complete and perfect.” During the month of May, we will focus our attitude “toward a real unity with Spirit,” which lifts us higher and higher.

May 6 – You Are Feeling Lucky?
Based on 1994 research on “luck” by Dr. Richard Wiseman, today we will explore the common attitudes of “lucky people” and see how luck really has nothing to do with it at all.

May 13 – Be-Attitudes, Part I

The Master Teacher Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is rich in counsel on developing the proper attitude toward Spirit. In this first of a two-part talk, we will explore the deeper and metaphysical meaning of the first four Be-attitudes.

May 20- Be-Attitudes, Part II

Picking up where we left off last week, today we delve into the second four Be-attitudes, as attitudes that move us “toward a real unity with Spirit.”

May 27 – Remember to Remember

Using Memorial Day as our backdrop, this Sunday we will focus on remembering there is a Divine Presence at the Center of all things, that this Divine Presence responds to us and that our awareness of this Presence – our ability to remember the Presence – can be so strong, so real that we feel it everywhere, in everything, in everyone and in every situation.