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Upcoming Sermons

July 2018 Theme – “Sail-abrating” Life!

As summer leaps into full-swing, thousands of residents head to the coasts for beach and boating fun.  Here at The Santa Anita Church, we will “sail-abrate” by pulling up anchor and letting God take the rudder as we examine how to navigate through life no matter what the condition of the sea.

July 8 – The Limitless Sea of Receptivity

As we “sail-abrate” Independence Day today, we will explore our inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and how to experience these rights by “throwing ourselves with complete abandon into the Limitless Sea of Receptivity” (to quote our founder Ernest Holmes).

July 15 – Calming the Internal Sea

What’s the state of the internal sea of your mind? Does it consist of rough waters or is it smooth sailing? The truth is — if our minds are constantly churning and rolling, we simply cannot be letting God take the rudder and successful navigation cannot possibly occur. Today, we will explore a number of ways to hand the rudder back to God.

July 22 – Stay the Course of Light

As we set sail to create lives of passion, fulfilling our dreams and our higher purpose, we can (at times) get distracted. Using the familiar Biblical story of Samson and Delilah, today we look at what can get us off course – and how to get back on track.

July 29 – Heading Due N-O-R-T-H

All good sailors rely on their compasses to navigate the seas. As we wrap up our month of “sail-abrating,” we will turn our compass due N-O-R-T-H to keep our gaze on God.