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Recent Sermons

April 2017 Theme – “Easter Moments”

Last Easter, we coined a new phrase here at The Santa Anita Church.  Do you remember what it was?  In case you don’t, it was “Easter Moments,” which are those moments when we consciously let something die that does not serve us so that we can be born anew into a spiritual awareness, a new consciousness and an expanded way of revealing the spiritual nature that is already ours.  This month, which includes Easter, we will explore having Easter Moments in various areas of our lives and each week, we will engage in a specific and sacred activity to support that Moment.

April 2, 2017 – “Who Do You Think You Are?”

Perhaps who you THINK you are has nothing to do with who you really are.  Would you be willing to have an Easter Moment today and let some of those thoughts go so you can enter a space of Divine Connection you have perhaps never felt before?  If you are willing, come take that journey with us today.

Palm Sunday, April 9, 2017 – “The Road that Leads Home”

With the support of a moving and inspiring Rose Blessing Ceremony, today we let go of that which holds us back from coming home to love.  We will use Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem on that Palm Sunday millennia ago not only as a profound example, but also as a profound teaching tool.  Together, we will travel the road that leads us home to love.

Easter, April 16, 2017– “Life Springs Eternal”

This sacred and beautiful Easter morning with the Master Teacher Jesus as our guide, we will explore the spiritual concept that Life is eternal and that we can rest in the assurance that physical death is merely a passage into a new and grander life expression.  Today, we will each have the opportunity to have an ultimate Easter Moment as we let die any fear of transition and fully and joyfully live in the Eternal Now.

April 23, 2017, – “A Flow of Abundant Good”

The rubber often meets the road when we look at our financial status vis-à-vis our spiritual beliefs about abundance.  We spiritually believe we live in an abundant universe and abundance is our spiritual birthright, yet we often struggle to make ends meet, let alone have an ongoing flow of abundant good to spend, to spare and to share.  What Easter Moment would support you in living the Truth of your spiritual beliefs?  Come have it today.

April 30, 2017– “You are Dynamic, Vibrant and Radiant Health”

Today we bring our month to a close by bringing an Easter Moment to our physical vitality and well-being.  The Truth is we have a Pattern of Spiritual Perfection at the core of our ‘Beingness’; however, our physical experience does not always reflect that.  After having a heart-to-heart conversation about this, we will each have an opportunity to release non-supportive beliefs or behaviors and be blessed in installing a powerful new one that supports dynamic, vibrant and radiant health

March 2017 – Bridging the Gap

“Let us feel that our purposes are animated and inspired from on high and then let us go forth and make our dream come true in human experience.” ~ERNEST HOLMES

These are inspiring words, but actually accomplishing this requires bridging the gap between incubating the idea and manifesting the dream.  Sometimes that gap can be scary, and yet what we do inside it can make all the difference in the world.  This month, we will successfully bridge that gap.

March 5, 2017 – “Taking the Leap of Faith”

What dream has been nudging at your heart that hasn’t yet been put in the incubator? And if it hasn’t been put there, why not?  Chances are the answer involves fear in one of its many forms, shapes or sizes.  This morning, we will join hands and support one another in taking the leap together regardless of our fears!

March 12 – “Building the Bridge”

To build the bridge between the dreams of our hearts and their manifestation, we must learn how to use some very specific tools – and then we must actually use them!  Over the next few weeks, we will explore the various tools to have in our “navigating the gap” toolkit.

March 19 – “Half Way Across the Bridge”

It may feel as if you are building the bridge to your dreams while you are walking across it.  If so, that’s OK.  By using the tools learned last week, this week and next week, we’ll keep the bridge at least two steps ahead of us.

March 26 – “Reaching the Other Side”

Today, we will explore our final tools for building our bridge and learn how, when properly and consistently applied, these tools really do bridge the gap between incubation and manifestation of our dreams.   They really do get us to the other side!