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Recent Sermons

April 2018 Theme – Lord, I am Your Instrument

The month of April will be spent exploring the profoundly beautiful prayer known as the Prayer of St. Francis. Spoken almost 800 years ago, this prayer serves as a timely reminder of our responsibility to be bearers of the light, particularly during this time of global transformation. Each week, we will deepen into a meaning of one of the lines of this exquisite prayer and feel what it means to be God’s instrument.
April 1 – Easter Sunday – An Instrument of Peace
An abbot in a remote Tibetan monastery once said “Peace is of the greatest importance in our world today. In the absence of peace, we lose what we have gained. In the presence of peace, all things are possible.” Today we explore the first line of this profound Prayer of St. Francis to become instruments of possibilities.

April 8 – Where There is Hatred, Let Me Sow Love
Here’s an idea to chew on: “The truth about hatred is that hate is love.” That sounds like a Zen Koan, doesn’t it? If it got your attention, come today to find out who said it and what it actually means as we discover how to be sow-ers of love!

April 15 – Where There is Injury, Let Me Sow Pardon
Culminating in a sacred and holy Rose Blessing Ceremony, today we will explore St. Francis’ meaning of the words “injury” and “pardon,” which are used in ways different from what you might initially think. In fact, they are St. Francis’ way of expressing his desire to heal the sick and bring recovery to the wounded. Today we will do just that.

April 22 – Where There is Doubt and Despair, Let Me Sow Faith and Hope
On this Easter morning, today we instill a profound lesson that the Master Teacher Jesus came to teach us . . . that our faith in the Divine (even faith the size of a mustard seed) can move mountains.

April 29 – Where There is Darkness and Sadness, Let me Sow Light and Joy
The ancient Egyptians believed that upon death their answers to two questions would determine whether they continued their journey into the afterlife. The first question was “Did you find joy?” The second was “Did you bring joy?” As we bring our theme to a close today, we will become instruments of joy and light.

March 2018 Theme – The Prayer Chest

Ernest Holmes in The Science of Mind, p. 283, wrote:

No class of people on earth believes more in prayer than we do. Our whole theory is based not only on the belief in Spirit, but in the availability of It – Its immediate response. We even go so far as to say in everyday language: “Pray right and God cannot help responding.”

These are powerful words by the Founder of Religious Science, and yet they beg an important question – what does it mean to “pray right?” Using the spiritual novel, The Prayer Chest, written by August Gold and Joel Fotinos, we will delve into our core spiritual practice of prayer and will explore secrets of “praying right.”

March 4 – The First Secret of Answered Prayer
The novel The Prayer Chest explores three secrets to answered prayer. Today, using the novel as our backdrop, we will look at and begin to embody the first secret.

March 11 – The Second Secret of Answered Prayer
Continuing our journey through the novel The Prayer Chest, we will uncover the second secret to “praying right” and ensuring that our prayers are answered.

March 18 – The Third Secret of Answered Prayer
The third secret to answered prayer is a place of powerful transformation – a place where not only prayers are answered, but lives are changed forever.

March 25 – The Fourth Secret of Answered Prayer (According to The Santa Anita Church)
If you have read the novel The Prayer Chest, then you know there are only three secrets to answer prayer. However, at the end of the novel, an opening is left for a fourth secret. In this service, we will explore the fourth secret according to us! Be sure to bring your personal Prayer Chests to service today to have them blessed.

January 2018 Theme – Awakening to Life

Could 2018 be the year that we awaken, truly awaken, to the beauty of life that Spirit intends for us to live? What would it be like if we were fully awake and present for it all — fully present to the life we now have, fully present to who we are in every moment and fully present and available to the life we are creating? What might that awakened life look like? Each week this month, we will explore those questions while we reground ourselves in our fundamental New Thought teachings. This month will be a rich and deep experience for all, those steeped in our beliefs and those new to them. Be sure to set the stage for your year by being with us each week.

January 7, 2018 – “The Four Kingdoms of Awakening”

As we walk the spiritual journey of awakening to the Truth of who we are and the beauty of life, we often experience that journey in stages, or what we might call Kingdoms. Today we will look at the four Kingdoms of Awakening and see how to awaken to the higher realms of the Kingdom. The work we do today will support the rest of the month, so be sure to be with us!

January 14, 2018 – “Awaken My Heart to Grace”

God’s Grace may mean something different for every one of us. Today, you will have an opportunity to awaken to your personal definition of this concept and then to move it out of the concept stage into an active, awakened experience in your life. It is through God’s Grace that we experience a life of beauty and wonder.

January 21, 2018 – “Staying Awake While Navigating the Wake”

It is an absolutely Truth that Spirit intends for us to live a life of beauty and wonder. And it is also a human experience that, at times, we feel like we are living in the wake of pain, upset, challenges and strife. At those times, we might just want to pull the covers over our heads and go back to sleep. But the true beauty comes when we stay awake even in the middle of the wakes of life!

January 28, 2018 – “Claiming Our Awakened Presence”

As we bring our exploration of an awakened life to a close, this morning we will each have an opportunity to make a mighty proclamation as we individually and collectively claim our places as awakening beings!

December 2017 Theme – “The Prayer of the Master”

While the outside world is embroiled in the trappings of the holiday season, each week at The Santa Anita Church, we will turn inward to find rich and deep transformative meaning in one of the most well-known and oft-cited prayers in human history – the prayer taught by the man whose birth we celebrate this month. This prayer, known as “The Lord’s Prayer” or “The Our Father,” has gone through many translations and interpretations. Be sure to be with us to receive a full spectrum of the wisdom found in this prayer of the Master, and then be with us on Christmas Eve day and New Year’s Eve day for two very special services.

December 3, 2017 – “THE BREATH OF LIFE”
“Oh Thou, From Whom the Breath of Life Comes” is the beginning of an early translation of the Prayer of the Master. Today we explore the depth and beauty of this version, and you may find some real surprises in it! And you will most definitely find some deep wisdom for living a rich and full life today.

December 10, 2017 – “FATHER-MOTHER OF THE COSMOS”
In this translation of the Master’s Prayer, which begins with “O Birther! Father – Mother of the Cosmos,” we find a road map for being in relationship with others as well as more deep, ancient wisdom applicable to our lives today.

December 17, 2017 – “OUR FATHER, WHICH ART IN HEAVEN”
Today we will look at the most familiar translation of the Master’s Prayer, but we will look at it in a most unfamiliar way. Come be surprised and delighted at what you experience.

December 24, 2017 – “GIFT OF CHRISTMAS, GIFT OF YOU”
Thus far this month, we have explored three different interpretations of Prayer of the Master and have had some deep and rich experiences. This Christmas Eve morning, we will examine how we can live these opening lines in two versions of the Prayer: “May Your light be experienced in my utmost holiness” and “Focus Your light within us – make it useful.”

December 31, 2017 – “OUR PERSONAL Prayer”
Today we move away from the Master’s Prayer to delve into our own personal prayer life. If you ever wanted to know the Top Ten List for creating a robust prayer life, today’s the day you will receive it. Come celebrate New Years’ Eve morning with us as we set the tone for a prayer-filled 2018.

November 2017 Theme – Abundant Living as a Way of Life

In his New Thought classic, “Prosperity,” Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore examines abundant living as a way of life. This month at The Santa Anita Church, we gather to explore the deep and timeless ideas contained in this rich (pun intended!) book.  If you are seeking a more fulfilling human experience, a greater understanding of God and a way to apply the spiritual principles of abundance in all areas of your life, then this month is for you.  Come and be blessed!  And, remember, your presence is a blessing to others!
November 5, 2017 – “The Key to it All”
Our in-depth exploration of Fillmore’s book “Prosperity” begins at the beginning – by clarifying and deepening into the fundamental basis of the Universe.  You may think you know what this is . . . and you may.  Then again, there may be more to be revealed!

November 12, 2017, – “You are the Inlet and the Outlet”

November 19, 2017, – “Rich in Ideas, Rich in Life”
It’s been said that ideas are God’s first currency.  Fillmore writes in “Prosperity,” that “our rich ideas will keep us in constant touch with abundance.”  What does it mean to trade in the currency of ideas?  Come today as we explore this profound idea!

November 26, 2017, -– “Let God Pay Your Debt”
If this title intrigued you, then it served its purpose.  As we bring this impactful month to a close, we look at the power, the significance and the seeming magic behind the idea of letting God pay our debts.

October 2017 Theme – “Intentional Creation”

A fundamental tenet of Science of Mind/Unity is that we are made of God Stuff and that each and every one of us (no exceptions here!) contains all the attributes of God, including, most certainly, the ability to create. When we are intentionally creating, we are aligned with the God of our Being and are the happiest.  Interestingly, it is the PROCESS OF and the PROGRESS IN intentional creation that bring us the most joy.  So where is your joy meter?  If it isn’t as high as you would like, this month we offer some new insights on how to increase it by expressing the Divine quality of creation.

Oct 1, 2017– “What Station Are You Tuned Into?”

We are always tuned in to one of three internal radio stations. Two of them weaken the process and definitely bog down the progress of intentional creation. The other one enhances the process and expedites the progress. Which one are you tuned into? Come today and find out.

Oct 8, 2017 – “What Stops You in Your Tracks?”
The profound and eye-opening answer to that question is (drum roll, please) . . . your “upper limit.” What is an “upper limit?” It is the unconscious ceiling we put on our ability to truly reach for what we desire. When our upper limit kicks in (and it can be very, very sneaky), we squash our process and our progress of intentional creation, therefore, squashing our joy. Join us today as we take a look at the variety of ways in which our “upper limit” stops us in our tracks, so that we can break free from it, get busy creating and raise our joy meter!

Oct 15, 2017 – “Or, Is it a ‘Safe Problem?’”

Creating something amazing isn’t necessarily easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it! But to live from God, as God, to God, it is our spiritual imperative that we be in the process of and making progress on our intentional creations. So, perhaps you have raised your “upper limit,” but still aren’t feelin’ the joy. Well, in that case, you just might be really good at creating “safe problems.” What are “safe problems?” Come today and find out!

Oct 22, 2017 – “Standing at the Green Growing Edge of our Becoming” “The Edge of Our Becoming”

Hildegard von Bingen, the 16th century Christian mystic, spoke about “the green growing edge of our becoming,” referring to how we are all meant to grow in our awareness and in our inner knowing as expanding beings. As we continue our month of exploring the idea of intentional creation, we will bump up against that edge and expand it out a couple of feet.

Oct 29, 2017 – “Intentional Creation In Action” “Creation In Action”

We have spent the past four weeks deeply exploring and beginning to understand and release barriers and blocks to our intentional creative expression. Today we look at a three-prong approach to kicking our creative juices into gear, and we celebrate ourselves as creative beings.

September 2017 Theme – “A Life that Works Without All the Work”

This Labor Day month we will take a fresh look at creating a life that works without all the hard labor.  When we live from certain spiritual principles, apply certain spiritual practices and then leave the rest to the Divine, life really can flow with ease and grace.  Each week, we look at this idea from a different angle and learn how to create a life that works without all the work!

September 3, 2017, “Celebrating Un-Labor Day”

This weekend we celebrate Labor Day, a day set aside in the United States to honor the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country. Monday is a day off from that labor, a day to rest and rejuvenate.  What if we rested from labor all the time and yet still contributed to the strength, prosperity and well being of our own lives and the lives of others?  Be with us today and find out how.    

September 10, 2017, “Be the Change”

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” is regularly attributed to Gandhi.  But, did he really say it?  And if he didn’t say it, what did he say?  And what does it have to do with us, anyway?  Today, we take a deep look at Gandhi’s real words that inspired this very famous quote and find a rich, new meaning for it, one that moves us to a new level of awareness of how we can easily and gracefully walk in this world.

September 17, 2017,  “Say ‘Yes’ to what W.O.R.K.s”

What are you saying “yes” to in your life?  It may surprise you to know that you say “yes” to a lot more than just what you would consciously choose to have in your life experience.  Today, we say yes to the qualities that W.O.R.K. together to create a life of fulfillment.

September 24, 2017, Talk 4 – “Creation Rather Than Control”

TRUTH:  The Universe is a whole lot smarter than you might think.  TRUTH:  Creation is much more fun than control.  Based on these two TRUTHS, today we complete our month focusing on “A Life that Works Without All the Work.”

August 2017 Theme – Our Summer Reading List

Summer is the perfect time to pull out our favorite reading as well as to explore books we haven’t yet read.  Often this is done on vacation as we escape into daring adventures, steamy romances or juicy mysteries with lots of plot twists and turns.  This month at The Santa Anita Church we will take highlights from four different books that are on Rev. Terry’s summer reading list. And while these books won’t be adventure, romance or mystery novels, they will definitely be adventurous, they will help us connect with deep love and they just may have a twist or turn along the way.   

August 6 – “Four Qualities of a [Redefined] Successful Life”

In her 2014 book, “Thrive,” media mogul Arianna Huffington lays out four specific qualities that help us deepen into what it means to be successful.  These qualities could come straight out of our spiritual teachings, but are presented to the secular world.  How encouraging it is to see these ideas presented in this way, and you get to experience them today with a twist or two added by Rev. Terry.  

August 13 – “A Prosperity Treasure Hunt”

“Prosperity,” written by Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore, was originally published in 1936 and even though some of the language is a bit outdated, the principles and practices in it are some of Rev. Terry’s favorites for living inside a prosperity consciousness.  Join us on an adventurous treasure hunt to cull the most brilliant gems found in this New Thought classic.

August 20 – “Harnessing the Power of Love”

“Inside-Out Healing” by Richard Moss is our third summer read of the month.  In a brief exploration of this rich and empowering book, we will harness the Power of the Presence of Divine Love as a way to heal whatever may be ailing you!

August 27– “Just ONE”

In their 2013 New York Times #1 best seller, “The ONE Thing,” authors Gary Keller and Jay Papasan offer a simple, powerful concept:  If you want less distractions, stress and strain and more joy, balance and abundance, you can achieve that by mastering the ONE thing.  Today we explore what the ONE thing might be for you.

July 2017 Theme – Keeping Your Cool When the Heat Is On

As the temperatures heat up across the country, we may find ourselves scrambling to keep cool!  What is your method?  Going to a cool movie theater or restaurant?  Escaping to a cooler climate?  Staying in the swimming pool?  Eating ice day in and day out?  Refusing to get into your car while the sun was up?  Our response to the physical heat could be a powerful metaphor for how we handle life when it heats up. Each week this month, we will explore different hot topics and ways we can keep our spiritual cool when the heat is on!

July 2 – “Freedom in the Fireworks”

Within every hot spot, there is the cool grace of Spirit.  Within every explosive firework, there is the brilliance and freedom found in Source.  On this Sunday, as we celebrate Independence Day for our nation, we also celebrate Independence Day for ourselves and experience our personal freedom in the midst of fireworks.

July 9 – “Finding Refuge in the Shade”

When the sun is high in the sky and the thermostat is rising, we often look for refuge in the shade.  When life heats up, we might also take refuge in the internal place in the shade – otherwise known as our shadow side.  In New Thought circles, we might not like to talk about this aspect of ourselves, but it is important to gain an understanding of it so that the radiant light of our True Selves can shine in all kinds of weather.

July 16 – “Time to Simmer Down”

Continuing our work begun last week, today we take an open and honest look at how we heat up with that emotional response called anger.  What is it really about?  Is it ever productive?  How are we to approach it?  (The answers to these questions may not be what you expect!)  And, here’s the most important question — what can you do with yours?!  Come today and learn how to simmer down when your anger heats up.

July 23 – “The Watermelon Credo – Part I”

Wally Amos, otherwise known as “Famous Amos” the cookie guru, once wrote an engaging book entitled The Watermelon Credo.  In this book, he set forth a Credo for living, which we will explore this week and next.  This Credo provides more ingredients for keeping our cool with the heat is on just like a cold slice of watermelon certainly cools us off on a hot summer’s day!

July 30 – “The Watermelon Credo – Part II”

Today, we conclude our look at the Watermelon Credo, and our month of keeping our cool when the heat is on, with some juicy thoughts.

June 2017 Theme – “Minding the Mind” 

Our teachings here put a great deal of emphasis on what is occurring between our ears, and rightfully so.  We know that what occurs in our minds informs everything in our lives from our relationship with the Divine, to our relationship with ourselves, to our relationship with others, to our relationship with work, money, play, health — and the list goes on and on!  So, perhaps it’s important to give some focused attention to that valuable real estate.  Come be intellectually stimulated and richly blessed as we “Mind the Mind” all month.

June 4, 2017 –  “That Just Blew My Mind!”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. once said, “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”  Have you had your mind blown when you’ve taken on a new spiritual concept and then never been able to look at life the same way again?  It is our intention to blow your mind in such a way today!

June 11, 2017 –  “Mind Over Matter”

“Mind over matter” is a common phrase, and is used to speak to the creative nature of our minds.  And while we would certainly agree that our minds are creative, is “mind OVER matter” accurate or is there more to it?  Come today and find out what more there might just be.

June 18, 2017 – “Your Mind is a Vessel”

Did you hear the one about the professor who travelled a vast distance to study under a Zen Master only to prattle on and on about what he already knew?  If you’ve heard that one, do you remember what the great teacher did? If not, come today and find out . . . and even if you do know the rest of that story, come anyway, because there is more to be revealed.

June 25, 2017 – “If You Don’t Mind, It Doesn’t Matter”

This is a direct quote from a most unlikely source.  If you know who it is, email Rev. Terry before Saturday, June 24, and then be in service on Sunday and there just might be a prize for you!  While this may seem to be a shallow statement, there is actually some deep wisdom in it.  Today, we dive in and find it.

May 2017 Theme – You Were Meant to Succeed

How do you define success?  Is it a purposeful career?  Or soul-satisfying relationships?  How about dynamic, vibrant and radiant health?  Surely it includes a deep and abiding sense of your oneness with God?   Perhaps an abundant flow of prosperity?  Or walking in a state of Grace and Inner Peace and experiencing the Joy of Life?  How about all of the above and more?  Whatever your definition of success is, this month we will explore how to achieve it using Jack Canfield’s insightful and empowering book, “The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where you Want to Be.”  This is a month to recognize and align with your inner creative power to succeed.  Be sure to be with us each week because one week builds upon another . . . and we won’t be backing up!

May 7, 2017, Talk 1 – The Foundation for Success

Thomas Edison once said, ““If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”  Today we lay the foundation for astounding ourselves by exploring Canfield’s first two principles of experiencing a successful life.  These principles probably won’t be new to you, but we will look at them in a new and highly personal way.  Be sure to be with us today – you just may be astounded!

May 14, 2017, Talk 2 – Transform Yourself for Success

Did you know that the average person has over 50,000 thoughts a day?  And did you know that most of those thoughts are TO you ABOUT you and that 80% of them are negative?  Those are startling statistics, aren’t they? What would your life look like if you could make 80%, 90%, even 100% of those thoughts TO you and ABOUT you positive and life affirming?  If you could (and we say you can!), you just might astound yourself at what you are capable of doing.  Today, you will learn a practical way to transform yourself for success.

May 21, 2017, Talk 3 – Celebrate Your Success

Today we amp up the energy of our work together by moving into the vibration of celebration, thanksgiving and appreciation.  Come prepared to expand your appreciation for yourself and others and to learn the power of “The Poker Chip Theory of Success”!  Intrigued?  Perfect.  Come find out what it’s all about.

May 28, 2017, Talk 4 – Success Starts Now

This month we have recognized and aligned with our inner creative power to succeed, acknowledging that success is God-ordained.  As we succeed, we prove the fundamental spiritual principle of our New Thought teachings:  There is a power for Good in this Universe, and we can use it!  And there is one other thing we do when we succeed.  We make a difference in this world!  Join us today as we bring our theme to a close with two game-changing success principles.

April 2017 Theme – “Easter Moments”

Last Easter, we coined a new phrase here at The Santa Anita Church.  Do you remember what it was?  In case you don’t, it was “Easter Moments,” which are those moments when we consciously let something die that does not serve us so that we can be born anew into a spiritual awareness, a new consciousness and an expanded way of revealing the spiritual nature that is already ours.  This month, which includes Easter, we will explore having Easter Moments in various areas of our lives and each week, we will engage in a specific and sacred activity to support that Moment.

April 2, 2017 – “Who Do You Think You Are?”

Perhaps who you THINK you are has nothing to do with who you really are.  Would you be willing to have an Easter Moment today and let some of those thoughts go so you can enter a space of Divine Connection you have perhaps never felt before?  If you are willing, come take that journey with us today.

Palm Sunday, April 9, 2017 – “The Road that Leads Home”

With the support of a moving and inspiring Rose Blessing Ceremony, today we let go of that which holds us back from coming home to love.  We will use Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem on that Palm Sunday millennia ago not only as a profound example, but also as a profound teaching tool.  Together, we will travel the road that leads us home to love.

Easter, April 16, 2017– “Life Springs Eternal”

This sacred and beautiful Easter morning with the Master Teacher Jesus as our guide, we will explore the spiritual concept that Life is eternal and that we can rest in the assurance that physical death is merely a passage into a new and grander life expression.  Today, we will each have the opportunity to have an ultimate Easter Moment as we let die any fear of transition and fully and joyfully live in the Eternal Now.

April 23, 2017, – “A Flow of Abundant Good”

The rubber often meets the road when we look at our financial status vis-à-vis our spiritual beliefs about abundance.  We spiritually believe we live in an abundant universe and abundance is our spiritual birthright, yet we often struggle to make ends meet, let alone have an ongoing flow of abundant good to spend, to spare and to share.  What Easter Moment would support you in living the Truth of your spiritual beliefs?  Come have it today.

April 30, 2017– “You are Dynamic, Vibrant and Radiant Health”

Today we bring our month to a close by bringing an Easter Moment to our physical vitality and well-being.  The Truth is we have a Pattern of Spiritual Perfection at the core of our ‘Beingness’; however, our physical experience does not always reflect that.  After having a heart-to-heart conversation about this, we will each have an opportunity to release non-supportive beliefs or behaviors and be blessed in installing a powerful new one that supports dynamic, vibrant and radiant health.