Welcome to The Santa Anita Church

“Come as you are, become who you want to be!”

Rev. Gina Milligan

Our Mission Statement:

Love ~ Grow ~ Become

Our Slogan:

One Spirit, Many Paths

Our Sunday Service Schedule:

10:30-11:30 AM
Sunday Morning Service – The SanctuarySunday School – The Growing Place (Grade School – High School)

11:45 AM
Coffee & Refreshments – Patio

Our Vision Statement:

A world where all people live to their full potential

Our Purpose:

As a spiritual community we attract, inspire and empower those who seek to discover and expand their unique expression of God’s light. Reaching out through prayer, music, education, and service, we celebrate, growing together in spiritual fellowship.

Our Core Values

The Golden Rule:
We dedicate ourselves and empower others to live life by the Golden Rule

We believe that love is the basic need of all beings and we demonstrate this through compassion and caring in all our actions

Through honesty, reliability, and awareness of our personal responsibility, we build trust.

We provide an open, accepting, and loving environment where all are welcome.

We provide opportunities to learn, grow, and become who we want to be on our life journey.

We conduct ourselves in a manner which reflects positive thinking and outcomes.

We practice generosity, loyalty, and recognition to build a community of family.

We work together openly with the greater community, our church, and our school through the teachings of truth.

We are true to faith, church, our community, and our core values.

Get to know us

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