July 2020 Theme – The Divine Invitation


The Sufi mystic and poet Hafiz once wrote: “You’re invited to meet the Divine. No one can resist a Divine invitation. That narrows down all our choices to just two: You can come to the Divine dressed for dancing or be carried on a stretcher to God’s ward.” This month, we will explore answering that Divine Invitation “dressed for dancing” as we uncover how the Divine shines through our dreams!


July 5 – Kick It Into Gear
What is the final ingredient needed to SPARK the Divine Flame within us? Well, the title of today’s talk gives you a hint, but not the complete picture. Come today and discover the rest.


July 12 – From Paradigm to Paradise
We each have our own set of paradigms or glasses through which we view the world. These personal viewpoints of the “way things are” may cloud our ability to perceive or even consider new or different Divine Ideas. They will keep us stuck in the “what is” and prevent us from achieving the greater “what can be.” And, make no mistake, the Divine Invitation is always toward the greater “what can be.” Would you be willing today to move from paradigms to paradise today? If so, be sure to be with us!


July 19 – Paradise Awaits
Last week we explored moving from our paradigms to paradise in a powerful way. Today, we continue our exploration into a paradigm that seems to haunt most every human being and which lays us out on the stretcher every time! If you are ready to get off the stretcher and put on your dancing shoes, then today is your day, and paradise awaits.


July 26 – Dancing with the Divine Invitation
Today we dance with the Divine Invitation by taking three specific steps toward the life of our dreams. Just as each dance step is critical to the overall flow and beauty of a dance, so is each of these steps critical to living from the Divine Invitation! Cha! Cha! Cha!


This Month’s Affirmation
I say yes to the Divine Invitation. By releasing that which no longer serves and embracing that which now does, I express my gifts, shine my light and dance with the Divine into the life of my highest dreams and aspirations.

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