April 2023 Theme – Race to Grace Consciousness


“Race consciousness” is a term often used in our Science of Mind/Unity teachings and one that can be misunderstood. It has nothing to do with an individual’s race, but rather, refers to the accumulated, collective thoughts and beliefs of the human race to which we are all subject – unless we make a conscious choice to rise above them. This Easter month, we look at the power of “Grace Consciousness” to bring about our personal ascension.


April 2 – Shifting Gears (Rev. Gina)
This Sunday, we look at some commonly held race conscious beliefs about ourselves and our world. Then, by applying a singular, focused Spiritual Truth to each of them, we will shift out of each belief into a state of Grace.


April 7 – Good Friday
The complete Good Friday service.


April 9 – Ascending through Grace (Rev. Terry)
On this powerful Easter morning, we will take a deep dive into the essence of Grace and find that it has the power to heal and transcend all conditions, to make us anew and to cause us to rise higher and higher into fully expressed and experienced Grace Consciousness.


April 16 – Preparing to be Moved (Rev. Terry)
This Sunday, we will explore just one idea, just one practice, to prepare us to move from race to Grace Consciousness by using our master teacher Jesus’ preparation for his transformation and ascension millennia ago as our example and teaching tool.


April 23 – In the Presence of Grace (Rev.Terry)
This entire month, we have focused on bringing God to race consciousness so that we might live in and from Grace Consciousness. This Sunday, we end this topic by somewhat going back to the beginning as we look at – and have an experience of – the concept of Grace. In fact, it is our intention this morning to be in the Presence of Grace.


April 30 – Tax Collectors and Sinners (Rev. Terry)
Our “Race to Grace Consciousness” series wrapped up in only 4 weeks, so Rev. Terry speaks about Luke Chapter 15 and Jesus’s response to the Pharisees about dining with the tax collectors and sinners.


Daily Affirmation
My heart is opened by the power of Grace; my mind is renewed in the presence of Grace. Today, I rise above the thoughts and beliefs of race consciousness and ascend into a state of Grace.

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