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January 2023 Theme – How Shall We Live This Year?


As the calendar changes once again, we have an opportunity to begin anew. What shall this year bring for you? Is your desire for greater joy, harmony, peace, and plenty and would you like your desires to express themselves with ease and grace? If so, join us this month as we use foundational principles of the Science of Mind to set the tone for the year, both in your personal life and in the life of our spiritual community.


January 1 – A New Design for Living
How shall you design your life this year? What do you intend to create, and in what kind of energy and atmosphere? On this first day of the year, you will have an opportunity to articulate an intention and a theme for 2023 for your own life and for our Santa Anita Church.


January 8 – Answering Life’s Call
Are you answering life’s call or are you just letting the phone ring? This Sunday choose to answer the call by “L” – Letting go of the past; “I” – Imagining a greater life; “F” – Freeing yourself to choose; and “E” – Expressing your Divinity.


January 15 – It’s Your Life – Live It!
Dr. Robert Schuller authored a book entitled, ‘If It’s To Be, It’s Up to Me’. In it, he wrote: “The 21st century belongs first and foremost to a new mental breed of humans driven by a strong, sensitive, spiritual individualism.” The truth is, there is only one person on Earth who can dream your dreams. That person is YOU! Likewise, there is only one person alive who can kill that dream. That person is you as well! So, what shall it be?


January 22 – A Life – and a World – at Peace
January 30 marks the beginning of the Season for Non-Violence – 64 days between the anniversaries of the death of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Gandhi once said, “we must be the change we wish to see in the world.” As we conclude this series, we will look being the change in 2023 by living a life of peace, which can lead to a world at peace.


January 29 – SURPRISE!
We’ve neither chosen a topic, nor decided which of us will be speaking for the last Sunday of January! This is a stand-alone sermon, so it’ll depend on what sorts of inspiration come our way over the first couple of weeks this month! Stay tuned for updates! ~Rev. Gina Milligan


December 2022 Theme – Holiday Light


During this holiday time of year, we sometimes feel we have too many things to do and too little time to do them – and we wind up feeling harried and hurried. For some, this time of year intensifies past or current hurts and sorrows, and we spend the month in sadness. This month at the Santa Anita Church, we will gather each week to release all of that as we learn how to experience the L-I-G-H-T of the holidays — Living Inside God’s Highest Truth.


December 4 – The Christ Light
In the Science of Mind Textbook, Ernest Holmes wrote, “In studying the life and teaching of Jesus, the most unique character of history, we discover a few simple ideas underlying his philosophy, the embodiment of which enabled him to become the Christ.” This Sunday, we will look at two of those simple, yet transforming ideas, the embodiment of which will illuminate our Christ Light.


December 11 – Sharing Our Light
As expressions of God, the Great Giver of Life, we each express our Highest Truth and shine our lights most brilliantly when we choose to be givers to life — not in obligatory ways, but because it is our Divine Nature to give. This Sunday we look at gifts we can share that don’t cost a cent and what it is like to adopt the Buddhist attitude of being a “kingly” giver.


December 18 – The Inside Light of Christmas
We are all familiar with the elements of the Christmas story – Jesus was born in a stable, surrounded by shepherds and wise men who had followed a star to be with him. As colorful as this story may be, this is the outside story of Christmas; the story told by those who witnessed it. This Sunday, we will look at the INSIDE story of Christmas – the story within our hearts and minds – and how it can lead to our living in the Light.


December 25 – Be Ye the Light
We bring our month and the year 2022 to a close by focusing on our Light. Not only will we focus on our Light, but we will build our body of light through a powerful meditative experience you won’t want to miss.


This Month’s Affirmation
Today, I open my eyes to see God’s Good, I open my heart to feel God’s Joy and I open my mind to know who I really am!

November 2022 Theme – Mind Your Ps and Qs!


For generations, parents and other guiding adults in the lives of children have used this phrase as a warning when we misbehaved as children, but during the month of November at the Santa Anita Church, the phrase “minding our Ps and Qs” will take on a different meaning. When we are mindful to Practice Prayer, to Pursue Play, to Quicken our Divine Potential, to Power our Positive Thinking and to Possess a Grateful Presence, we have the formula for creating a life well lived.


November 6 – Practicing Prayer
A life built on prayer is a life built on a strong foundation. This Sunday, we will explore making the practice of prayer, all forms of prayer, a cornerstone of life.


November 13 – Pursuing Play
A life well-lived must be a life lived in balance, and pursuing play is an important part of that balance. On this day, we will look at play as a spiritual practice.


November 20 – Quickening Our Divine Potential
This Sunday we take a look at practices and attitudes that quicken our Divine Potential, enabling us to be all that we came to this life to be.


November 27 – Powering Our Positive Thinking
Here at the Santa Anita Church, we are aware of the incredible power of positive thinking, but do we really power up our thinking as much as we could? This Sunday, we will give a jumpstart to the kind of thinking that will move us forward in achieving our dreams and goals, while inspiring us to constantly show gratitude for all the good which flows into our lives, every day.


This Month’s Affirmation
Today, I open my eyes to see God’s Good, I open my heart to feel God’s Joy and I open my mind to know who I really am!

October 2022 Theme – The Master’s Promise


Over 2,000 years ago, the Master Teacher Jesus said, “I have come so that you might have life, and have it more abundantly.” Beginning the second week of October, we will spend 4 weeks exploring what it means to live The Master’s promise.


October 9 – Do You Believe In Magic? (Rev. Gina)
With an attitude of expectancy, an open heart and a willingness to look beyond the known and into the possibilities, we can create magic in our lives.


October 16 – Just Say Yes (Rev. Gina)
Are you driven by fear or love? Fear constricts, love opens; fear limits, love expands; fear inhibits, love empowers. This Sunday, we will look at saying yes to love as the primary motivator in our lives.


October 23 – Catch Your Wave (Rev. Gina)
Taking a lesson from young surfer Bethany Hamilton chronicled her in book Soul Surfer, we will learn how to catch our wave to the abundant life.


October 30 – Who Ya Gonna Call? (Ghostbusters!) (Rev. Gina)
Using the “Ghostbusters” movie as the metaphor, we conclude our month of focus on the Master’s Promise by focusing on the power of affirmative prayer and of calling upon Practitioners to eliminate the ghosts (illusions) of fear, doubt, separation, etc.


This Month’s Affirmation
Today I take a permanent vacation from all that does not serve as I embrace God’s rich abundance, joy, peace and power.