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At The Santa Anita Church Counseling Center, we know that human beings are born of Spirit and of Nature. As emotionally healthy creatures, we care for our whole selves and all of life. We live with our eyes open and our hearts aware. We speak our truth. We find the beauty in every day. We let ourselves feel connected to others.

We use the tools of psychotherapy to connect people to solutions born in the wisdom of their own soul. Your own spirituality becomes part of your therapy. The light within is everyone’s greatest healer.

  • Counseling is entirely confidential.
  • Within necessary limits, fees are based on ability to pay.

Relationship Counseling

A marriage, a friendship, a family, or a work relationship can fall into crisis despite the best efforts of everyone concerned. Trust may seem to be irreparably damaged. Before assigning blame or making a decision to end the relationship, see one of our professional therapists. We can assess the damage and help apply time-tested methods to get things going again.

Every crisis is an opportunity for people to grow and for the relationship to become stronger. Our clients are often surprised at how little time and effort it takes to learn a new, happier way of being together.

Emotional Challenges

Sometimes it is not the relationship to others that is damaged but the relationship to life or to oneself. Anxiety or depression may be the result. This can manifest as overwhelming fears, constant worry, self-doubt, lack of motivation, addiction, feelings of failure, or loneliness.

At The Santa Anita Church Counseling Center, we know that the perfection within every person will emerge when the blocks to growth have been removed. To that end, we offer a sympathetic ear, unconditional acceptance of each client, and guidance based on our extensive professional knowledge and experience.

Complications of Mourning

After a major loss, such as the death of a loved one, normal grief may last from one to five years. Mourning is deepest in the first year and should gradually lighten as time goes by. In cases where the grief goes on unabated, a sympathetic professional can help the person move through it.

At The Santa Anita Church Counseling Center, grieving people may expect kindness, understanding, and concrete assistance with the overwhelming effects of loss.


Often, people who do not need psychotherapy could benefit from a few sessions with a trained listener. Healthy people sometimes need to take some time to focus their thoughts, understand what they really want, and devise an effective plan. Mentoring can make the difference when one is in frustrating circumstances or when a major change in one’s life is being considered.

The Santa Anita Church Counseling Center offers a mentoring program of six or fewer sessions on a single subject, spaced up to a month apart, with individually tailored homework between sessions.


Our therapists are trained in using a light hypnotic trance to help people stop smoking. In the same way, clients may discover the cause of any number of other self-defeating behaviors and find the key to their release.

Regression Therapy

People undergoing hypnosis have spontaneously given vivid accounts of incidents that occurred in a distant time and place. Many clients and therapists have concluded that these accounts are memories from past lifetimes. Of course, there is no way of knowing whether or not this is so. Nevertheless, progressive therapists like to work with these rich productions of the unconscious mind because:

  • Painful emotional symptoms are removed through being recalled in such stories
  • Clients report spiritual benefits from knowing their souls’ journey through time, and
  • Those who recall the death experience at the end of a regression generally lose all fear of dying in the current lifetime.

At The Santa Anita Church Counseling Center, we offer regression therapy to those who are interested in this way of healing. Under hypnosis, almost everyone is able to recall past lives and use them to resolve present-day issues.

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