Youth & Family

How beautiful is youth! How bright it gleams with its illusions, aspirations, dreams! Book of Beginnings, Story without End, Each maid a heroine, and each man a friend!

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Our Youth

As parents teach their young the tools necessary to grow into successful adults, we too, as spiritual leaders, aspire to guide our youth to discovering their own unique understanding of God. For this reason, we invite all youth from infants to young adults into our church service. However, should they feel more comfortable with others their age, our youth programs also focus on exploration of ones faith and acceptance and respect of the beliefs of others.

Toddlers, twos, and preschoolers are always welcome in The Nursery. School-age kids and youth meet in The Growing Place. Tweens and teens may also participate in The Growing Place. Each group coincides with the church service.

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